It’s My Life & I’ll Blog If I Want To


When it comes to blogging, this is not my first rodeo. In fact, I’ve had a whole slew of blogs…and blog names. At one point – I had three blogs at one time! One for fashion & decor, one for fitness and one for family. Overkill. Each time, I ended up feeling defeated…I wasn’t getting the following I had hoped for, I was having a hard time being consistent and I felt at a loss for content most days. I struggled with whether to have just one basic niche, causing me to go back and forth between running a fitness blog or a fashion blog. The other option was to just have a lifestyle blog where I could share a little bit of everything (I have a lot of interests!) I basically tried my hand at all of those options at one point or another. I struggled so much trying to figure out what is “right” in blogging that I became much too concerned about whether people were reading my blog rather than just enjoying writing.


So here I am now…about 7 years into blogging and I’m starting over. Boho Beach Babe is a lifestyle blog – a place where I can write about whatever I want to, share things I love and just be me. Of course, the big three – fashion, fitness and home décor – will be a big part of it, but I also enjoy throwing tidbits about life in general in there – life as a working mom and artist, raising my three wonderful kids with my sweet husband and enjoying life in Charleston, SC.

I just want to enjoy my little outlet and if you want to read along, I think that’s pretty darn cool. Of course, I’ll be thoughtful to keep it as interesting as possible, but mostly, I feel that not stressing about how many of you are actually reading keeps my creativity flowing and prevents the issues mentioned above.

Basically, it’s my life and I’ll blog if I want to. Welcome, and thanks in advance for reading. Hope you enjoy!


Morgan is a 30-something artist living in Charleston, SC with her husband and their three kids. She has a California Boho fashion and décor sense and lives a healthy lifestyle.