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When we first moved into this house two years ago, Farrah was still in a crib, so we had that and the full-size daybed in there. It didn’t leave a lot of room for anything else. Now that we have the crib out of the way, this is what her room looks like these days:

Most of the stuff was collected over time. The “love” art above her bed was bought secondhand off a friend – it just happened to go perfectly. The bedding is a white duvet over a comforter and the paisley throw blanket I bought a few years back at Ross. It really tied in the pinks and oranges with the giraffe tones. The giraffe obsession just sort of happened…and now we have so many stuffed ones. Farrah loves them.

The wall collage is comprised of the following:

A cupcake name puzzle – originally I bought it as a toy, but realized the colors matched perfectly so I put it together and in a frame.
The big “F” monogram was a DIY project of mine using a frame from Goodwill that I spraypainted, some fabric stapled over the original print in the frame and the “F” was from Hobby Lobby and I painted it yellow and then spray glued it to the fabric.
The balloon heart art is from Hobby Lobby.
The big wooden giraffe cutout was from a woman that makes them locally in Charleston.
The pencil giraffe art is my own freehand artwork.
The splatter print was from years ago at Target.
The marquee giraffe was from Target.

I just really love how her space turned out and I hope it’s a place she enjoys playing in for a long time. I love that it’s not too childish – a lot of the items could be used in her older years too.

Still on the to-do list for this room is to paint the walls (light gray) and also paint her bathroom (to be shown in another post). I’d love to do a wainscot of some sort, but I’ll have to convince the hubby first.

Morgan is a 30-something artist living in Charleston, SC with her husband and their three kids. She has a California Boho fashion and décor sense and lives a healthy lifestyle.