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Thoughts for Thursday

Well, this morning I officially became the mother of a 6th grader and a 2nd grader. They both went off to class like nbd. I barely even got hugs! Alas, at least I have one more child coming up that will still appreciate me for a few years…Farrah doesn’t start Kindergarten until 2019.

Last night was rough…the boys were off-the-wall hyper and I was trying to get them to bed just a tad earlier than usual. We never really deter from their set bedtime of 8pm, even during summer, because this momma still has to go to work and Lord knows I need a couple hours of peace at night with my husband before I go to bed. I just knew they were no longer used to being up at 6am, at least Tanner wasn’t, so I was aiming for a 7:30pm lights out. I could hear them still talking to each other from their rooms and then next thing I know, I hear a thud and Breckin comes down with a wad of bloody toilet paper saying he fell off his bunk bed and hit a metal part of it, gashing his head. Those always bleed like crazy. He is fine and it stopped bleeding relatively quickly, but I was like, “seriously, kid?” Now you have a gash on the top of your head for the first day of school…ugh.

This morning was also a little crazy – trying to keep them on task and let them know the expectations of what they need to do each morning to get ready for school and leave in time for the bus. This year will be different as I go into work earlier, so I won’t be the one with them in the mornings. Jake will be, but sometimes husbands let things slide (like brushing teeth) and I told him I need him to make sure the boys stay on task and don’t mess around. I drove them to school today, but they will take the bus from now on.

Anyone else send their kids back to school today? How did it go for you? I am just praying for a great year for both of them. I hope they both make a few really good friends and really try hard to do well with their studies. For their fall activities, they both will be taking a Ninja class (think American Ninja Warrior) at a local gymnastics studio (perfect to get out their rough-and-tumble energy) and Tanner has a drawing class at a local art studio for 6 weeks starting next month.

I do have a few back to school organization tips that I plan on sharing over the next couple weeks:

  • Lunch Box Ideas & Tips for Easier Packing
  • Schoolwork Storage Files & Boxes
  • Homework Boxes & Study Area
  • Weekly Outfit Organization

Stay tuned!

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