I am sooooo glad it’s Friday. It has been a long week between work, this big eclipse thing, school starting (for my boys and me) and just life in general. I feel utterly exhausted and I would be happy to do nothing but nap this weekend (fat chance). We don’t have any huge plans this weekend. I will go to my barre classes (one boot camp and one traditional barre) on Saturday morning and then that night we are going over to the neighbor’s house to watch the McGregor fight.

Anyway, on to 5 for Friday!


I got back to running this week and I was really surprised that I did four miles on my first run in a long time. (I’ve never been much of a runner; certainly not a distance runner, so four miles is an unusually long casual run for me.)

That pic above is seriously what had me running so long. I need sort of a goal when running because just running around blocks in my neighborhood drives me insane and usually has me quitting at the two-mile mark. This sweet view is in a neighborhood behind us and they have all these docks that go out to the water. I knew if I ran all the way to it, it would keep me motivated and then of course I have no way of getting back to my house except to foot it back so it helped me get some miles. It took me two and a half miles to get there, but I obviously found some shortcuts on the way back to shave a mile off. Hey – it was HOT out. I am aiming to get in about 10 miles a week, so I plan to run again tonight and Sunday.


The boys are both doing really well with their first week back. I can see a bit of improvement in maturity for both of them when it comes to homework and responsibility. I’ve always been pretty stringent about them coming home, putting their bags in the designated spot, putting their lunch bags on the kitchen counter and setting out anything I need to see/sign on the dining room table. Then it’s homework and chores before play. They begrudgingly do it some days, but it’s honestly the only way that keeps me organized for them. They have been much better about doing their homework right away and then placing it where it goes in their backpacks to turn in the next day. I hope they continue to do well in school this year! They’ve both made some new friends already, so I’m very happy about that…it’s funny how different they are…Tanner has always pretty much had one, maybe two close friends each school year (more reserved) and when I ask Breckin who he plays with or who are his friends, he always exclaims, “Everyone!” And I know he’s not lying. Each friendship-making style has it’s own individual benefits and I think they both will continue to learn from one another. I am glad they have each other because their true best friends are probably each other. It will be so wonderful watching that bond continue to grow over the years.


Farrah is on her second week of dance at the new studio. So overall, she has been in dance almost 3 months. She is really enjoying it and is constantly saying, “Watch me, watch me!” to Jake and me as she shows us her favorite dance moves over and over. I am so glad she has a natural love for it.


On the eclipse day, I curled my hair (was honestly hoping to get some outfit pics taken for this blog!) and I pretty much never curl my hair. I’d say once every blue moon, but it’d be more accurate to say once every total solar eclipse. [insert your uncontrollable laughter at my witty joke here.] I do like it curly and wish I had the time every day. I’ve been hitting the gym in the mornings right before heading to work, so curling it prior to the gym would be a waste of time. #gymhairdontcare

Also, #rootsfordays. I seriously can’t decide whether to continue with the blonde (Lord knows it cost $$$$ to get me this blonde, so what a waste!) or go back to brunette. My husband wants me back to dark brown, and though that would be easiest (and healthiest) for my hair long-term, I just don’t know if I’m ready…I get a lot of compliments being blonde, but of course my husband thinks I look best as a brunette. If I do go back brunette, I will go to a salon and not a box because box dye is why it took so many appointments to get the blonde I wanted.


I think it’s seriously crazy how next Friday is September. Time is just flying by…is it age? It feels like I only just started writing 2017 on things. I am excited for fall. It’s my favorite season (in Charleston). I have a lot of fall chores to do – dust off the front and back porches, put up the fall decor (will share here) and of course stock the pantry with S’mores supplies so we’re good to go for the fire pit. I love this time of year. It’s going to be Christmas before we know it!


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Morgan is a 30-something artist living in Charleston, SC with her husband and their three kids. She has a California Boho fashion and décor sense and lives a healthy lifestyle.

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