Well, so I mentioned Friday that I wanted to try to make it to the beach this weekend, but some sort of stomach bug had other plans for me. I was sick as a dog on Saturday and part of Sunday morning. I tell you, I always joke with this saying from Devil Wears Prada…

…but after this weekend, I take it back {and not only because I didn’t reach my goal weight}!

Anyway, I tried to muster up what energy I could to take my quizzes for school, get a few loads of laundry done and other things done around the house (Lord knows my chores don’t stop for an illness). But the important thing is I’m back in action now. The barre studio franchise I work at is hosting a 3-week challenge that starts today and believe me I was ready to go at 5:30am after a weekend of no workouts. The class this morning was a new format for the studio – a lot more cardio/HIIT and some strength. It is called Brawl. It’s a lot like kickboxing. It felt good to get a sweat on. If you are in the Charleston area, join us at The Barre Code to get a good workout and be entered for prizes. The challenge is 15 classes in 3 weeks.

We are at mid-September now and even though the temps haven’t dropped significantly here in the South, I am eager for fall outfits. I have a cardigan on today…I live in these things and swear I might just have too many. And this weekend I ordered one more…you’ll see why I couldn’t resist:


Cute, right? And for the price point…irresistible.

That’s about all I have for this weekend – not much to report when you’ve been sick!

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