Happy Friday! Another week for the books. Hope you had a great one!

Here are my five things this week:


Saw this Free People top on another blog last week and decided to wait on the purchase. I am glad I did because I searched it today and found it at Nordstrom for 30% off when it is still full price on all of the other sites. It is the Laguna top. Hurry and order if you like it because it will go fast on sale. It comes in black, gray and turquoise as well. I wish I could get all four colors – it looks so comfy and perfect for fall.



I’ve been getting more miles logged. I mentioned that I had started using Thursdays to get a run in with Farrah in the jogger while the boys are at their Ninja Zone class, so I continued that this week. This time, however, I drove up the road to Daniel Island because it is much more scenic. There is not a lot of ground to be covered where their gym is at so it got a little boring.

This week, Tanner started his art classes on Monday afternoons (which he really loved). They are perfectly timed because it ends at 5pm before I have to go to The Barre Code to work my childcare shift and they are right down the road from each other. So while he was doing that for an hour, I ventured 5 min. away to Pitt St. Bridge and took a run in the Old Village to pass the time. So now I am getting some extra running in a couple days a week, which is perfect in addition to my regular workouts. And of course, the views do not disappoint!


Farrah is now the only one in her dance class. I think they are still trying to pick up momentum for her age group, but for now it’s fine because the way I see it, she’s getting private lessons at a group lesson price. I do want her to socialize with other kids in her activities, but for now, the day and time just work so well. I’ll keep looking at options and maybe look at other studios for Spring. I am just glad she enjoys it.


I am so excited as I finally get to pick up this table and chairs tomorrow. They have been lacquered white and the chairs recovered (though I plan to change to my own fabric). They will be going in the formal dining next to the living room. I just thought it would make the perfect spot to play family games and for the kids to do homework, etc. The table also has a leaf so if we ever host big parties or holidays, there will be plenty of seating.


This is a mini Punta Cana progress update since I didn’t get to the big post this week. I have lost 4 lbs this month, so that’s something. I still don’t feel too different in my clothing, but I’ll count that as progress. Now just under 2 months to go and I need to keep up the momentum!

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

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